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Growing up in Freeport

Frank Spillers` Blog, 2 Aug 11


My family moved to Freeport in the early forties so my dad could work for Dow chemical. I was about five at the time.

My father went to work in Dow`s Magnesium Dept and started work at Dow on the next day after startup of the plant. He eventually became General Foreman of magnesium production and some years later became a senior instrument technician which continued until he retired in the early seventies. I was a young guy, but I still remember how proud he was to help produce magnesium which was of vital importance to the war effort. With the plant very close to the gulf, they knew they were a target for enemy submarines. In one of my future blogs, I will tell you about my teenage experiments with magnesium powder! As a teaser, just let me say magnesium burns with a white-hot flash and will instantly remove hair and skin!  I may even tell you about producing rocket fuel in my mother`s kitchen when she was not at home- this is truly a miracle that I am still alive!



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