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Working in Freeport

Posted September 7

  Working In Freeport:   My Father believed in work and more work. I remember when I was going into my first year in high school I asked my Father if I could play football . He said I... Read more...

girouards urban chic decoration

Urban Chic!

Posted August 30

  Hi!  My name is Lesa Girouard and I love to decorate, especially with one-of-a kind, unique items.  Did you know that Girouard's General Store is a treasure trove of decorating... Read more...

Road Trip Vacation 1950's Americana

Everybody Pile In!

Posted August 24

  FAMILY VACATIONS Frank Spillers, Aug 22, 2011    Vacations in our family were equivalent to an Olympic marathon: we took off, usually headed west towards the hottest part of the... Read more...

My First Car

Posted August 17

  When I was about fifteen, I developed car fever and the only way to cure it was to get a car, but there was one problem- I did not have enough money. Well guess what, one night while... Read more...

Dumb and Dangerous

Posted August 8

  Frank Spillers` Blog “Dumb and Dangerous”   I grew up in Freeport and was fortunate to have parents that didn’t seem to worry much about my recreation; they could... Read more...


Growing up in Freeport

Posted August 2

Frank Spillers` Blog, 2 Aug 11   My family moved to Freeport in the early forties so my dad could work for Dow chemical. I was about five at the time. My father went to work in Dow`s... Read more...

Hurricane Preparation, are you ready?

Posted July 12

                    Katrina, Ike, and Rita were very devastating hurricanes we witnessed. For an event like this to happen again, you must... Read more...

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